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  • Why $15,000 gold is likely inevitable, BUT why that’s not a GOOD thing for investors…
  • The only REAL way to “fix” the problem of a shrinking dollar…
  • A glimpse into the future, when the dollar is kicked out of its world reserve currency status…
  • Underdog myth DEBUNKED: how gold has outperformed three major indices
  • What the gold-to-oil ratio can tell you about a LOOMING CRISIS
  • How top asset managers could WIPE OUT annual global gold production
  • Lies, fraud, and mismanagement: the DARK SIDE of gold-backed ETFs
  • Why clever investors are raising their gold allocation NOW
  • The TWO types of gold you’ll regret buying… and what to buy instead
  • How to spot SCAMMERS (and find a dealer who won’t rip you off)
  • How to keep your gold SAFE—and what you should absolutely NEVER do
  • How much should you invest in precious metals
  • The kind of gold should you buy... and in what quantities
  • The THREE kinds should you avoid at all cost
  • The best places to buy gold (and other precious metals) BONUS: Where NEVER to buy your gold, too.
  • The best – and safest – ways to store your precious metals
  • And much, much more…

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